The developer of MODOS, a leader in the steel industry, was proud of its safety culture, and rightly so. There hadn’t been any time-lost safety incidents in decades.

Because there hadn’t been any major incidents, the company was unaware that its safety management simply wasn’t good enough, until it was too late.

This wasn’t deliberate. It had above industry standards safety policies in place and truly believed that it made safety a priority. And, like every other company, its approach to competency meant it used only employees with third-party certifications.

But reality hit hard when, between 2010 and 2012, they experienced four major safety incidents. After some deep reflection and honest conversations within the company and with industry contacts, the company came to see the real cause of the problem: The understanding, monitoring and tracking of competency simply wasn’t good enough.

The creation of a better method of operation became the objective, and that objective was reached with the creation of MODOS. This software raises the bar and takes competency monitoring and tracking to new heights. MODOS truly is a better method of operation because it supplies:

  • Specifications of every employee’s competencies
  • A six-stage competency rating scale, from Not Suitable through to Mentor Competence
  • Detail about work experiences, such as on-the-job training, whether a supervisor has witnessed competence, and which courses an employee has completed
  • Identification of gaps in training, skills and knowledge
  • Information on coaching and mentoring sessions, as well as a means of identifying the mentors on your team
  • Diverse reporting capabilities