Features & Benefits

Until recently, competency was gauged by tracking third-party certifications. That’s a good place to begin, but it’s very basic and it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Without a comprehensive and standardized method of capturing and corroborating all aspects of competency, the potential for safety incidents is high.

With MODOS, you have a better method of operation at hand. You gain control of all work-related information about an employee. You will see in detail their certifications, training, experience, mentoring, supervisory observation, and more.

With this knowledge, ensure the right people are on site, and assign individuals with the appropriate training where they are needed.

MODOS benefits every organization and individual involved in a work project. For Unions, member safety is a priority, and there is improved transparency between unions and contractors/companies.

Contractors and tradespeople are assured of safer working conditions and have access to a learning environment, along with a transparent hiring process.