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  • What is MODOS?

    MODOS is a software system that tracks and monitors trade worker competence through position-specific evaluations and third-party certificates.

  • Where does the name MODOS come from?

    The name MODOS is a customized variant of the Latin word modus, which means method. Method refers to a particular form or procedure for accomplishing or approaching something – and these defining characteristics also apply to the benefits and features of the software.

  • Why was MODOS developed?

    The idea for MODOS arose after a number of time-loss incidents took place within an organization in the construction industry. Challenged to prove its workforce had the necessary training and competence to do the work safely, the organization realized it did not have the necessary systems in place to do so. Making sure that workers are competent benefits an organization and industry as a whole, and also provides workers with a clear path for career development, success and safety.

  • Why a competency based model?

    A competency-based approaches focus more on hands-on experience and training to increase skills, safety, and employability. This allows organizations to have proof of competence through assessments of all employees and members working for their organization.

  • What information is stored in MODOS?

    MODOS stores all information that is relevant to you employment and membership, including, but not limited to:

    1. Union affiliations and contact information
    2. Third-party certificates/qualifications
    3. Employer reviews/assessments on member competence and performance
    4. Moderated reviews which represent aggregations of employer review history
    5. Witnessed competence attestments/records
    6. Job dispatch history
  • Is there a mobile version?

    At this time the MODOS web interface is optimized for desktop, laptop and tablet access. Contact MODOS to get more information. Mobile versions optimized for Android and iOS devices are on the MODOS product roadmap.

  • If I am having issues with the system whom do I contact?

    The support email is available for those organizations that have registered and signed on with MODOS.

  • How do I give product feedback?

    A MODOS representative will be assigned to your organization as support. Please ensure that all feedback is going back to your MODOS representative because we always want to improve our product.

  • How do I sign up?

    You can review the pricing information on the Buy Now page or sign up by contacting MODOS.

  • Where can I find pricing information?

    Pricing information can be found here.

  • What are my support options?

    A MODOS representative will be assigned to your organization as support and will be available from 8am to 4:30pm MST. In addition to the MODOS representative, there are help options available on the website.

Security Access

  • How secure is MODOS?
    • MODOS utilizes industry best practices to provide multiple layers of security. All access to MODOS web applications and services is authenticated, tracked, and audited. A strong password policy is enforced. All data resides securely behind firewalls and proxies in Microsoft Azure SQL Database and Azure Storage, and is encrypted both in-transit and at rest.
    • The MODOS security subsystem is a sophisticated role-based security system that provides very fine-grained access to data. Roles can be created that include and/or exclude access to individual tables (types), records (objects), or even specific properties (attributes) based on configurable criteria expressions.
    • Pre-defined roles have been created for union administrators, employers, and trade workers. MODOS support can configure custom roles as necessary to support specific employer and union requirements. The pre-defined employer admin role provides access to 3rd party certifications and the moderated review of members currently dispatched to them. These rights are revoked as soon as the member is discharged or re-dispatched to another employer.
  • Why is my SIN/SSN number stored here?

    The SIN/SSN is used as a unique identifier to ensure all member records match. Please note that the SIN/SSN is masked for privacy purposes.

  • Who has access to this information?

    Information stored in MODOS comes from participating locals and organizations. The information is accessible to the Contractor/Employer if a member has been dispatched to their respective organization. The union has access to all information stored in MODOS for their members.

  • Where is my data stored?

    MODOS data is geo-redundantly stored on Microsoft Azure data centers in Toronto and Montreal.


  • How do I change contractor contact information?

    Employer contact information can be changed within MODOS by selecting the Employers tab and selecting the Employer you are part of. Once the employer is selected the Edit button will be highlighted and the contact information can be changed here.

  • What access does a contractor/employer have?

    Employer access is limited to Employer Reviews from their organization, the most recent Moderated Review of a member, third-party certificates on file and personal information of those members that have been dispatched to their organization only.

  • What is the difference between an Employer Review and a Moderated Review?

    An Employer Review has some behavioral and cultural information that may be company specific. This information is submitted into MODOS and stored here. A Moderated Review is a standardized template that distills all behavior or subjective items and focuses on the required competencies applicable to the position.

  • What other programs are compatible with MODOS?

    From the very beginning MODOS has been designed to integrate with other systems. Integrations have already been implemented to a third-party union dispatch system (Qtrades) and Forms Processor/Automated Data Extraction service.

  • Who can see member information?

    Member information can be viewed by the union and the member. The member’s current employer can see a subset of the member information (third-party certifications/qualifications and current moderated report).

  • Can a member print their records?

    Yes. Members own their data. MODOS will not prevent members from downloading or printing their records.